12-14 Impax Self-Drilling Fastener


12-14 Impax Self-Drilling Fastener. 12-14 Impax Self-Drilling Fastener, Metal to Metal, Performance Drill Screw with Bond Seal Washer


Drilling Capacity:
.035 – .210
Thickness is based on normal single thickness purlin/girt or multiple material thickness combined for total.
Min. Projection:
3/16″ of threads below substrate
Available Length Carbon Steel:
3/4″ to 4″
Available Length 410 Stainless:
3/4″ to 1-1/2″

Advantages of Impax Self-Drilling Fasteners

    • Precision cold forged assuring superior point strength and the fastest drilling time performance through high strength steel and nested purlins.
    • Ultimate performance in light, medium, and heavy gage applications.
    • Designed and engineered to have low driving and thread engagement torque and provide maximum clamp load.
    • Corrosion resistant coating system.
    • Available painted to color match.


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