Retrofit Round Base Zipper Pipe Flashing


Retrofit Round base Zipper Pipe Flashing Available in EPDM Black.


Retrofit Round Base Zipper Pipe Flashing

    • Pipe opening can be easily customized on job site utilizing clearly marked pipe diameters on each flashing.
    • EPMD is resistant to ultraviolet rays, cracking and weathering.
    • Available in EPDM black.
    • The aluminum base is corrosion resistant and conforms easily to any panel configuration or roof pitch.
    • Retrofit flashing is available for piping with welded caps or cross bars.

Material Specifications

Test Type EPDM
Advance Ozone Resistance 70 hrs.
test @ 500 pphm
High Temperature
Intermittent +275° F
Continuous +212° F
Low Temperature
Resistance Tested To: -65° F
Tensile Strength 1450 psi



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